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Light Hil Youth

Light Hill Youth

School years 7-12.

Friday nights during school terms, 6:30 - 9 pm.



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Light Hill Youth is a growing movement of high-school-aged young people, passionate about friendship, fun, and following Christ. Here, at youth group, we aim to create a safe environment for our students to hang out and have fun, learn about God and what he has done, and make informed decisions about spirituality and personal life. By no means do we force our beliefs on anyone, but we do strive to share with everyone that which we have experienced in our own lives, the joy that comes through relationship with God! 



Each Friday night we meet and play some big games, have supper together, and a talk or discussion about a topic or passage from the bible. We listen to the opinions of our young people first and then present what the bible says about each topic. Friday night youth is a great opportunity for students to let loose and unwind from their busy weeks at school, as well as chat about life and be encouraged. 

Our Youth Coordinator is Peter Barnes: Contact Pete at

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